Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Steadfast Love...

I'm discovering in myself an ever-increasing,
steadfast love for one object in part
namely....the birdcage
finding the true source of this fancy
will perhaps never make in itself an explicit illumination
and may somehow always remain an enigma
to my ever-fleeting mind
I know for one that I do not like birds in cages
merely the artistic possibilities
within the object itself
I conclude that I must further explore
the qualities of this wondrous thing
and include it in a moment of shinning life
where something special emerges
out of the depths of steadfast love

Monday, November 9, 2009

charmed i'm sure

"Holding or staring at this Creativity Charm is sure to break down any creative
blocks that may be in front of you. It helps by reminding you to be "in the moment",
and by "absorbing" any uncreative energies that may be swirling around in your head.
This charm automatically recharges itself by being in your pocket whenever you are
doing or looking at something that inspires you, and collects the energy
for you to use later, anytime you want! Awesome!
Made with found paper."

oo the little birdies

simply gushing over these lovely cooking utensils
officially my favourite object of the week
all the home-baked goods just waiting to be made
like they would just magically appear
from within these fantastical spoons
the possibilities could be endless

illuminating the possibilities

"As a fashion photographer, Nick Knight has consistently
challenged conventional notions of beauty."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

underwater beauty

it speaks for itself

belle and boo

baby lily renewed my obsession with these gorgeous
illustrations by Mandy Sutcliffe
sunday afternoon found me trekking it to
my friends cousins house to visit
their beautiful new-born
perfect in every way
her room made an instant rise into
my fav stylish rooms list
from Sutcliffe-illustrated frames
to 30 year old cot
to red white and black birdy paintings
all in all a magnificent addition to the world
2 weeks old and oh-so-stylish

Saturday, November 7, 2009

b&w and bouquiniste

cafe enrichment
reeling on stacks of b&w beauties
snapshot documentation
avoiding creepy old man chatting us up
with enlarged curled moustache
and donned with bicycle wear
quite the comical appearance

first round of tea and soy latte ruined
admiring all the crafty tidbits in the cafe
while sharing a jealous moment
at the creative genius behind the photo-collage
stuck on the wall to the right of the cash register
another example of b&w beauty
note to self: couch is extremely comfy

photo-sesh commences
b&w preferred medium today
sunlight proving difficult to negotiate
narrowly avoid creepy moustache-man
now on bicycle
exploration of surrounding cutesy dwellings
basking in their stylish qualities and pretty gardens

inspiration wearing thin
back for another round at bouquiniste
now my fav cafe located at new farm
cosy little cushions spotted outside
take residence in our first seating choice
shared bottle of water from a blue glass bottle
ordered another soy latte and hot chocolate this time